What Size Of The Cupola Is Needed For A Shed?

Cupolas are one of the best additions people can make for their homes, garages, barn or sheds. Not only does it add a style, but it also provides various benefits. If you are planning on using cupolas on the shed of your property, you can choose from different types. But what size of the cupola is needed for a shed?

To ensure the cupola is of the right size, you can follow the basic rule. You can get 1-1.5 inches of cupola base for every foot of your unbroken roofline. It means if you have a 15 feet unbroken shed roofline, the cupola base size would be 15-22 inches.

Having houses or sheds with cupolas is not only for attraction. They also help increase the property’s value. So, when choosing a cupola for your shed, make sure it is a suitable one.

What Is A Shed Cupola?

Cupolas are structures that one can place on top of the roof. They look more like an upside-down cup, but instead of being only round, cupolas come in various designs and shapes. And they have three parts, such as the base, the middle, and the top.

Cupolas are not always very small. Many of them can be very large and capable of holding several people. And all types of cupolas have windows or louvers. They come in handy to keep the interior ventilated and free of toxic air.

Shed cupolas are the cupolas that you install on the roof of your shed. And a shed can be a storage place, animal or livestock shelter, or a garage. No matter what type of shed you have, having a cupola on top of it is beneficial.

What Size Of The Cupola Is Needed For A Shed?

Whether you want to set up the cupola on the roof of your house or shed, it will need to be of perfect measure. A cupola that is too large will look too much on a shed. On the other hand, a smaller cupola will look incompatible with the shed size. That’s why you can follow the simple rule of measuring cupola size.

Before you purchase a cupola, you need to know or have an idea of your roof size. Only then you can buy the right cupola. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong one.

To know the size of cupola you need, measure your rooftop. For every foot of unbroken roofline, you will need a cupola base of 1 to 1.5 inches. It means, if your roof’s unbroken line measures 20 feet, the cupola’s base will have to be around 20-30 feet.

And if you are planning to add a weathervane to it, there is no need for such measurement. You can do it with the measure of the cupola. The size of the weathervane is usually around the same size as the cupola base.

How To Choose A Cupola?

You know you want a cupola for your shed. Now you also know how to measure the required size of the cupola. But then comes the next step. You need to know how to choose a cupola.

Purchasing a cupola at random just by the size isn’t always enough. You also need to consider a few more things to make sure you have chosen something that enhances the beauty of the shed. And here are some of the essential things you need to keep in mind.


There are various shapes of cupolas available, such as round, square, hexagonal, octagonal. Hexagonal cupolas have six sides, and octagonal cupolas have eight sides. The cupola top also comes in different shapes.

Windows Or Louvres

If you want more light and let the air pass more freely, you can choose window cupolas. But if you want something to keep the insects or bees at bay, louvers are the best option.


Cupolas can be of different materials. You can purchase cupolas made of vinyl, cedar wood, or pine wood. Most of the cupola roofs are made of metal, especially copper.

Lets’ watch a video where you can get idea about building shed cupola. It will also help you on assuming cupola measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Size Of Cupola Do I Need For My Shed?

The size of the cupola will vary depending on the size of your shed and its rooftop. To make sure you get the right one, follow the basic rule of cupola measurement.

Your shed’s cupola will have 1-1.5 inches of base for every unbroken roofline. If the shed is too large, you can use more than one cupola to make them look more precise.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Cupola?

Cupolas come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. And the price also varies depending on those factors. If you purchase a cupola, the cost can range between $150 to $800 or more.

However, if you build a cupola, you can save some money by altering the material and design. You can also end up spending more money on building a cupola if you choose high-quality materials with exceptional design.

Q. How Much Does A Cupola Weight?

A cupola’s weight can differ depending on its material and size. Cupolas have three parts: the base, the louvered side or the middle, and the top or roof. Each part weighs differently.

Nevertheless, the bottom part always weighs more than the middle and the top. And the middle part weighs more than the top or roof.

Q. Is Cupola Necessary?

A cupola isn’t a must-have part for your house, garage, barn, or shed. It is the owner’s personal choice whether or not a cupola is needed.

Some people install cupolas to style the house or shed, while others install them for ventilation and light. It also makes the passersby’s head turn and adds property value.

Q. How Do You Attach A Weather Vane To A Cupola?

Installing a weather vane requires a few procedures. And here they are:

  • Measure the base of the weather vane rod and drill a hole on the tip of the cupola.
  • Insert the vertical rod of the weather vane inside the cupola until it hits the cross brace.
  • Screw the cupola to secure it to the cross base.
  • Tighten the setscrew to secure the rod and the flange.
  • Now assemble the globes, directional, and the rings on the weather vane’s spire.
  • To get wind direction accuracy, find the North and direct the weather vane’s directional N towards that direction.
  • Insert a steel ball into the mounting tube that is at the base of the weather vane.
  • After everything is set, stand back and wait 10-20 seconds to check if the weather vane’s pointer is pointing in the right direction.


A shed may not seem like an important place to have a cupola. But sometimes, it is an essential structure to have, especially if you have a smaller shed or use the shed for work that can create a toxic environment.

Besides being a decorative part of the shed, it provides light and keeps the air fresh and free of harmful gas. And if you want to know what size of the cupola is needed for a shed, well, you already know that the math is simple.

A too big or too small cupola will look unattractive and ill-fitted. So, make sure the size of the cupola seems well fit compared to your shed. And if you are in doubt, consult someone more experienced to help you out.