What Size Of Cupola Is Right For Weather Vane?

A cupola always increases the beauty of a house, barn, or building. It brings a sophisticated vibe and makes the building or house look important. And if you add a weather vane on top of it, it will be a pretty sight for anyone who looks at it. But what size of cupola is right for weather vane?

The size of the cupola base and the weather vane depend on each other. If your cupola base is 20 inches, the size of the weather vane should be between 16-20 inches. It means the size of the cupola is almost the same size as the weather vane.

The size of the cupola is balanced both by the size of the rooftop and the weather vane. You can also say that the size of the weather vane depends on the size of the cupola. That’s what I’m discussing today. So I believe you’ll find this article helpful.

What Is A Cupola?

A cupola is more like a dome. It’s a hollowed frame that you set up from the rooftop. It is often referred to as an overturned cup because of how it is built.

A cupola has three parts: the base, the middle, and the roof or cap. The vent usually has windows or louvers, or both. The shape of a cupola comes with variety too. It comes in square, round, hexagonal, or octagonal shapes.

Cupolas are not for bringing a different look or decorating the building exterior only. They also work as ventilation and help to bring more light inside. Having this ventilation system helps prevent mold or moisture from gathering in the attic or shed.

What Size Of Cupola Is Right For Weather Vane?

As I mentioned in the beginning, it is the size of the weather vane and rooftop that determines the size of the cupola. A large cupola ruins the view of the house or the barn. And a small one looks even tinier or barely visible if the building is very high.

Determining the size of a cupola based on the roof size is simple. For every foot of unbroken roofline, you install a 1″ to 1.5″ cupola base. If your roof has a 30 feet unbroken roofline, the cupola base would be 30-45 inches wide.

As for weather vanes, the sizing will not be very different. The length and width of the weather vane should not go beyond the widest part of the cupola.

It means the size of the cupola and the size of the weather vane will be roughly the same. If you have a 20 inches weather vane, you can purchase a 20-22 inches base cupola.

Benefits Of A Cupola

In the countryside, cupolas are seen in many types of buildings or places. They make the roof look beautiful and more aesthetic.

However, cupolas are not just for making the building or barn look aesthetic. They come with some more advantages. Here are a few of them.


Fresh air is vital for humans and animals. It is essential for healthy living. Without a proper ventilation system, the interior environment becomes toxic, and it starts to smell.

One of the reasons we see cupolas on countryside barns is that without ventilation, gasses will fill up the interior area and become dangerous. Cupolas help remove those gasses and keep the environment breathable as it allows air to go in and out. Besides, the ventilation system of a cupola helps to dry the hays naturally.


Some people choose to have windows in their cupolas. This is quite an exclusive style on cupolas, but it comes with more benefits than only ventilation. This allows natural sunlight to enter the house or barn and lighten it up.

To have windows, you can purchase wooden or vinyl cupolas with windows. And if they do not have windows, you can always cut a shape for the window and install a screen.

To Keep Watch

I know this seems like an out-of-date thing, but there was a time when cupolas were used as an observatory. Cupolas can be large if you have a large roof area. And large cupolas can hold several people inside them.

President George Washington had such a cupola built on the roof of his home at Mount Vermont. It provides an excellent view of the outdoor area. Even the United States Forest Service uses cupolas to keep watch over the national forest.

From the video you can get idea about size and installation method of cupola with weather vane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Large Or Small Should My Cupola Be?

Many people end up purchasing the wrong size of cupola. They either buy one that is too large or too small. That’s because they do not know the rule of thumb.

The easiest way to know what size of cupola you need is to know the measurement of your roof. You can get a 1″-1.5″ cupola base width for every foot of an unbroken roofline.

Q. Will Painting My Cupola Help It Last?

It is not necessary to paint your cupola to make it last longer. That’s because it’s the material that determines its lifespan.

High-quality vinyl cupolas require less maintenance yet last a long time. However, wooden cupolas often require painting or staining to protect the material.

Q. How Much Does A Cupola Cost?

The cost of purchasing a cupola will always vary depending on its size, width, and design. The material that is used to build the cupola also influences the price.

The price of cupolas can range between $150 to $600, sometimes more. However, if you customize your cupola or build it yourself, you may get to save some money.


I know it seems a little complicated to calculate what size of cupola is right for weather vane. But if you understand the basic measurements, finding the right cupola will become easy.

Cupolas have always been a fascinating thing to me. And if you are a countryside person, you already know the importance of having one. And if you have a large roof, you can always add more than one cupola if you want.

Just follow the measurements above-mentioned, and you will be able to get the right cupola. Though the weather vane and cupola size depends on each other, don’t forget to get the measurements of your rooftop.