How To Plant Pond Plants Without Baskets?

When you add plants to your pond, you enhance the look of the pond and add a source of food for the fish. There are several ways to add plants, such as using pots or baskets, soil, or you can plant them only on gravel. And do you know how to plant pond plants without baskets?

To plant pond plants without baskets, remove the plant from the container first. Then you need to loosen the soil from the roots with your hand or hose spray. Finally, select a place in your pond and plant the plant by creating a hole.

Yes, the planting process is as simple as that. However, you need to consider a few more things before you plant them in the pond. Today, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about planting pond plants.

How To Plant Pond Plants Without Baskets?

Adding pond plants is like adding a food source for fish. So when you are adding the plants, plant them in the correct place and position to get them to work effectively.

Step One: Take Out The Plant

First, you need to take the plant out of the container it came with during the purchase. If you already have the required plant planted in your garden, carefully take it out of the soil using a garden shovel.

Step Two: Remove The Soil

Whether the plant was in a container or your garden, the soil will be stuck to its root as you pull it out. You can either remove the soil and debris with your hand or use a garden hose to remove it with water.

Step Three: Select A Spot

Select a spot where the plants will grow well. If you are planting marginal plants, choose a location along the pond edge. Remove some rocks to plant it. If it is a water lily, it will need anchoring.

Step Four: Plant It

For plants on the pond edge, dig a small hole to place the plant, and use a rock to keep it from floating away. If you are planting deep water plants, use your pond bed to plant them.

5 Tips For Planting Pond Plants

We all add plants to our ponds to increase the beauty of them and their surroundings. The vibrant color of various plants soothes the eyes and calms any onlooker’s mind. But to achieve that eye-catching pond surface, you can check out and try the following tips.

1. Choose Various Plants

You are going to decorate the pond with plants of your choice. But that doesn’t mean you grab everything you lay your eyes on and plant it. That would end up creating a messy look, and even you will dislike it.

There are hundreds of options for you to choose from. So I suggest you make random picks from various shapes and types of plants. You can select water lilies, lotus, forget-me-not, water irises, etc. The variety of plants will add a unique texture to your pond.

2. Choose Different Colors

It’s fun to play with colors, especially when you are picking plants or flowers. Choose plants with different tones and plant by mixing them. White, yellow, and orange will work best if you want to brighten up the pond’s shady areas. You can add some blue colors to highlight the other colors.

3. Add Plenty Of Green

No matter how many colors you add, nothing will beat the effect of green. Try to choose different shades of green foliages. You can choose lime green, dark green, or any other foliages that will bring a variety of this color.

4. Consider Plant Size

Newbies often make the mistake of getting plants that grow too big for their ponds. You wouldn’t want one plant to grow massively and overshadow the others. Some of them even end up overcrowding the pond.

Any plant that grows like that needs frequent thinning out. My advice is to know the plant first. Learn about its growing process and size to see if they will go well with your pond size.

5. Arranging By Size

A pond with plants is mainly about the view. You want to like and enjoy what you see as you look in the pond’s direction. So, the simplest trick to make it likeable is to put the tall plants at the back and short ones at the front. It will make the pond plants look more elegant.

Lets’ check a video on planting pond plants:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Pond Plants Need To Be In Baskets?

No, baskets aren’t mandatory to plant in ponds. I know many people choose to use baskets. However, I prefer not to use it as these planting baskets are pretty expensive.

They will only add more costs to your budget. Moreover, the baskets often fail to hold the plants inside once they start growing. So you will end up wasting more time in potting and repotting the plants.

Q. Can I Plant Water Lilies And Lotus In Gravel?

You can plant water lilies and lotus in gravel. But you need to be aware that these plants grow and multiply aggressively. So, they are likely to take over your entire pond easily.

And you have to thin them out throughout the year. But trust me, you don’t want to get into the water to do that during the winter. The best way to have them is to plant them in pots or baskets and divide them if needed.

Q. Do I Need To Plant Pond Plants With Soil?

I find it unnecessary to use soil to plant pond plants. The whole thing about having a pond is to let it be as natural as possible. The water elements and fish wastes will leave sufficient nutrients and help the plants grow. So, you don’t need to add soil to plant them.


Learning how to plant pond plants without baskets comes in handy in several ways. First, it teaches you to grow pond plants without relying on many assisting tools or equipment. Second, it helps you save some money, as these baskets do not come at a low cost.

And do not get worried if the plant doesn’t stay upright. Just keep it in place using a small or medium rock. The plant’s position will become normal once it starts growing.