How Long Does It Take To Build A Water Garden?

Whether you have a small or large property, having a water garden can change everything. However, making a water garden doesn’t happen at the snap of our fingers. It takes a lot more than your time and sweats. But how long does it take to build a water garden?

Generally, a backyard water garden takes around 5-10 days to make. The duration of building a water garden depends on various factors. It depends on the size and type of the pond, water features, plants you want to add, how many people are building it, etc.

Building a water garden is not a long, complicated process. However, it is important to be well-aware of building and maintaining it. Here is a little something from my personal experience regarding water gardening.

What Is A Water Garden?

Water gardens are known by various names. Some call them aquatic gardens, while others go by ponds. Nevertheless, water gardens are basically water features with aquatic plants. But in many cases, they also contain fish.

You can have a water feature anyway in and around your house. Some people choose to have them indoor, while others prefer outdoor water gardens, as they look more natural.

Water gardens can be set up using pond liners to make them long-lasting. But if you want a small and portable one, building a container water garden will be suitable for you.

Most of these aquatic gardens house various plants, frogs, and fish. They become a source of attracting birds, small animals, and insects.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Water Garden?

Building a water garden takes several days to weeks based on different factors. Professionals say it takes about 2-3 days to make a small water garden, whereas large ones can take 1-2 weeks. Here are some of the factors that will determine the duration.

Size Of The Water Garden

Are you building a shallow water feature or an extended one? Some people choose to build it in a container, while others prefer a deep water garden. The bigger the size, the longer it will take to build the feature.

Water Plants

A water garden needs plants for decoration. There are various types of aquatic plants to choose from. So, it takes time to come to a decision.


If you are working on the water garden yourself, it will take longer to complete the work. Hiring people to do the job can finish it faster. However, that will cost you more money than usual.

How To Build A Water Garden?

Building a water garden is not rocket science. If you are experienced with DIY projects, you can build one on your own, or maybe with a pair of helping hands. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on building a water garden.

Consider Location And Design

You need a good amount of space for the water garden and its surrounding area. Fix a suitable location and plan what design you want.

If you want an in-ground water feature, you need permission from the authority before digging, in case there are city cables underground. Make sure to get pond liners if you want to have an in-ground water garden. Pond liners allow the feature to last a very long time.

On the other hand, choosing a small area will be enough for a container water feature. A 20-30 gallons container or barrel will be suitable to build a portable water garden. But no matter which option you choose, make sure the feature gets enough sunlight and shade throughout the day.

Select Plants

Plants are what keep a water garden alive. You cannot have such a garden without plants in it. There are varieties in aquatic plants, and you can add them for various purposes.

Floating pumps provide beauty, along with providing necessary shade for the water garden. Submerged plants grow inside the water feature and are an excellent source of oxygenation. Edge plants grow around the edges and provide shelter for fish, frogs, and other water insects.


You need to install a pump to balance the ecosystem. The pump will help distribute oxygen and nutrients around the water garden. It also prevents the growth of algae and other harmful matter.

Add Water Features

This is optional for a water garden. Adding features, such as waterfalls or fountains, create an aesthetic look. They also help to circulate the water and create aeration. If you don’t have a pump installed, such features can be a suitable alternative.

Add Fish

Water gardens seem incomplete without fish. They are also a part of a balanced ecosystem. Besides, having fish prevents mosquitoes or other insects from swamping over it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Does A Water Garden Cost?

The cost depends on several things, such as its size, location, the type of plants you want to use, etc. And if you are hiring people to build it, you need to spend more than usual.

So, based on all that, building a water garden can cost $500 to $5,000 or more. Maintaining a water garden can cost $450-$1,000 a year.

Q. How Long Does A Water Garden Last?

Your water garden’s longevity depends on how well you maintain it. Cleaning the water regularly, trimming the growing foliage of the plants, removing debris, and keeping it oxygenated will help it last for several decades. Besides, your water garden will last 20-30 years or more if you use a durable liner.


The duration to build a water garden will always vary. That’s why knowing “how long does it take to build a water garden” will not change many things.

You might also ask if it needs to be too big or deep. Well, I would say the size should be based on your preference. However, shallow ones are more popular as they are easier to clean and maintain.

So, if you have such a garden in your backyard, you can always enjoy the sweet breeze that blows from the water garden towards the home, just as I do. I also added a few windchimes to increase its serenity, which now feels like music.

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