How Do You Maintain A Pond Waterfall?

Pond waterfalls are known for adding charm to your property. But the charm starts fading if it does not get enough care. That’s why, just like your pond, the pond waterfall needs care and maintenance from time to time. But how do you maintain a pond waterfall?

To maintain a pond waterfall, you need to keep its working efficiency in check. And to do that, regular cleanup is necessary. You need to start with cleaning the skimming basket and mat. Partial water change is required at least twice a year, and the algae should be removed by brushing them off.

Maintaining a pond waterfall is not a tough job. Yet, it is not an easy task either. You need to know what to do to ensure a well-maintained pond waterfall. And I’m here to help you out with that.

How Do You Maintain A Pond Waterfall?

The waterfall you have installed in the pond is doing its job. But it can’t work if it’s not maintained as needed. Here is how you can maintain a pond waterfall.

  • The first task is to clean the skimming basket. It collects debris, leaves, twigs, etc. It’s essential to ensure that the basket doesn’t get full.
  • Under the debris basket, you will find the filter mat. You can wash off the mat to remove collection dirt and debris. Replace the mat if it falls apart.
  • Then remove the pump skimmer to clean it up. Don’t forget to plug it off before you start the cleaning process.
  • If there are stones or rocks around the waterfall, use a brush to scrub the algae off them.
  • Use beneficial bacteria if necessary. And add oxygenating plants to increase the pond’s oxygen level.
  • If you have fish in your pond, avoid overfeeding them. It will end up adding more fish waste to the water.

Pond And Waterfall Maintenance Mistakes

Everyone knows how to clean or maintain a pond’s water feature. But how many people are doing it right? I’ve seen a lot of them making the same mistakes over and over. So, let’s get to know some of the common waterfall maintenance mistakes that you should avoid.

Avoid Frequent Cleaning

Many water feature owners have the misconception that cleaning the water frequently will keep it healthy. On the contrary, cleaning the pond or changing water too often will remove beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help keep the water environment healthy.

Avoid Open Container

When you remove the fish for cleaning the pond, avoid keeping them in an open container. These fish may try to jump out of the container as it will be smaller than the pond. Try using a net to cover the container and weigh down the edges.

Avoid Power Wash

Pond or waterfall liners are not built to tolerate power wash. The water pressure can tear the liner easily. The best thing is to clean it in traditional methods. That would be enough for dirt and debris to come off.

Don’t Fall

Slipping in the pond during complete cleaning is not uncommon. The waterfall area or the pond will be slippery because of the accumulated dirt, mud, and debris. To avoid such unfortunate occurrences, you can use pond cleaning equipment or take professional help.

Tips For Maintaining A Waterfall

A waterfall brings charm to your pond and the landscape. But many people avoid adding this magnificent feature because they think maintaining it can be a tough job.

However, if you know a thing or two about their maintenance beforehand, the task will become a lot easier. So here are a few tips that will help you maintain your water feature more easily.

Avoid Long Hours In Sunlight

You need to keep this in mind before you plan to set up a pond or water feature. If it stays under the sun for the longer part of the day, it will increase algae growth. Besides, the pond or feature water will evaporate quickly.

Place your water feature in a location where it will be in the sun for a specific part of the day while it will be in the shade for the rest. This will give the pond plants enough sunlight to boost their growth.

But what are you going to do if your backyard has a vast open space? Then I suggest planting some plants around the pond and feature edges that will give them enough shade.

Regular Cleaning

A pond waterfall is a part of your home. So, you need to take care of it just like everything else. And cleaning it regularly is a big part of caring.

Taking out debris and fallen leaves should become a part of your regular maintenance job. If you don’t clean them regularly, they will cause blockage in the pump.

Change Water Twice A Year

If the pond or waterfall isn’t cleaned for a long time, the water feature will look unhealthy. That’s why you need to change the entire feature water at least twice a year.

No, I’m not telling you to empty your water feature by draining all the water. Make partial water change by removing and adding about 15%-20% water. That will help decrease waste, dirt, and other debris.

Use Distilled Water

Since you won’t be changing your pond water frequently, using healthy water is best. And distilled water is a perfect option for that.

Hose waters carry various chemicals that may cause corrosion in the pump and its propellers. On the other hand, using distilled water has a low chance of creating such issues.

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Benefits Of A Pond Waterfall

Pond waterfalls are not just for the beauty of one’s eyes. Other than its appealing appearance, a pond waterfall is beneficial for both you and your backyard pond. From relaxing sound to eliminating harmful bacteria, pond waterfalls are a great way to boost mental and aquatic health.

Pond Decoration

Ponds will always have plants, fish, and other things in and around them. Those are good enough to increase its appearance. However, adding a waterfall can boost that appearance even more.

The look of the entire landscape changes as the waterfall brings a change to your property. It even increases your property’s market value.

Moreover, waterfalls create a continuous flow in your pond. And the water flow or water movements will make the aquatic environment more realistic.

Mental Well-Being

Water has been a source of de-stressing since ancient times. Water sources, such as seas, ponds, rivers, fountains, streams, or waterfalls relax the human mind. So when you have a backyard pond and a waterfall in it, it plays a vital role in your mental health.

The sound of running water can calm you when stressed. Besides, you can sit on a chair next to the water source, prop your feet up on the edges to feel even better.

Improves Water Circulation And Controls Algae

The waterfall’s continuous waterfall prevents the pond water from going still. The water comes back to the pond through the pumping process, creating water circulation.

Without enough circulation in water, algae and nitrites start thriving in pond water. And once their level rises to an alarming rate, the water becomes polluted, stinky, and turns green. But if there is a waterfall in the pond, it prevents algae growth by providing circulation.

Healthy Pond

Without a water feature, pond water goes stale eventually. And stagnant water is harmful to your pond environment and its ecosystem. As the harmful bacteria grow in such water, it decreases the pond’s oxygen level.

And without enough oxygen, the pond water will become toxic. If there are fish in your pond, they will have trouble breathing, and having a waterfall keeps the pond and its inhabitants’ health in check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Does A Backyard Waterfall Cost?

A backyard waterfall cost can range between $500 to $5,000 or more. The expense will depend on your pond size, as it will determine the waterfall and its pump’s capacity.

Besides, the cost will depend on what else you will add to your pond water feature. Adding stones, rocks and lights can lead to more expense.

Q. What Is A DIY Waterfall?

DIY waterfalls are the ones that homeowners build by themselves. It is done without the help of any professionals.

These waterfalls are made at a low budget by arranging rocks and creating structures to let the water flow. Such a water feature is built on ponds to make it easier to keep the water pumping without the water level goes low.

Final Words

Many of you have asked, “How do you maintain a pond waterfall?” I believe you have found the answer by now. It doesn’t cost a fortune to maintain a pond water feature. The key is to keep it clean by removing unnecessary things swamping the waterfall and the pond.

They are the basic tasks that you can perform whenever you want. It isn’t easy to forget about cleaning a water feature that looks so cool. And if you face difficulty performing any maintenance tasks, I suggest you take help from professionals.