Are Backyard Ponds Hard To Maintain?

A backyard pond is not just for water to stay still. You add fish, plants, and, sometimes, a water fountain to keep the pond environment active. And every once in a while, you need to clean and maintain the pond.

But are backyard ponds hard to maintain? I wouldn’t say it is hard. However, if you haven’t maintained a pond from the beginning, it will become difficult to clean up.

But you need a simple solution, and this is what this article is about. Read ahead to find the answer to your questions regarding backyard pond maintenance.

Are Backyard Ponds Hard To Maintain?

If you enjoy working on your pond and want to ensure it always remains clean and toxic-free, its maintenance job will be fun. But I must tell you that you need to spend a few hours a week if you want to have a well-maintained backyard pond.

And the following things are what you can do to maintain a backyard pond easily:

1. Always Empty The Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket is the best way to collect leaves and other debris. You can open the basket by lifting the cover. Then take out the basket and dump everything in the trash, or you can compost it.

But how often should you empty the basket? That would depend on how often you can empty it or how fast leaves and debris swamp your pond.

2. Add Beneficial Bacteria

Cleaning the pond water will remove the debris you can see. How about those you can’t see? Pond water gathers algae and nitrites over time.

You can add beneficial bacteria to the water to prevent the water from becoming toxic. Add liquid bacteria at least twice a month, or you can install an autodoser to do the work.

3. Feed The Fish

The last and most important thing you need to maintain is feeding the fish. Yes, all know that fish can get food from water plants, bugs, growing algae, etc.

But you still need to give them fish food to boost their health. Floating fish food pallets would be the best option. And they are also rich in protein and vitamins.

Lets’ watch a video to get tips on maintaining a clean pond:

Pros And Cons Of Backyard Ponds

Yes, a backyard pond will add an elegant view from your house. But everything comes with pros and cons. And a pond is no different than others. If you want a backyard pond, you should be aware of the following.


They say human beings are worshipers of beauty, and it is very accurate. When you have a well-maintained and well-decorated pond, it doubles the beauty of your property.


Having a backyard pond is not only about a property’s beauty. It also positively affects your mental health. The view you get from your home or the time you spend near the pond will feel relaxing and refreshing.

Increases Property Value

You don’t just add a pond to your property. You also add value to that. A backyard pond changes the entire landscape’s look, and anyone who visits the place would immediately like it. Thus, it increases the property’s value.


If there’s a pond, then there will be aqua plants and fish in it. To care for and maintain the pond, you need to take care of the plants too. If there are children in the house, they can grow gardening habits by taking care of the plants. Moreover, everyone can enjoy fishing time together.


If the pond is artificial, you need to keep its pH level in check. The filtration system has to be active, and water drainage and refilling need to be done from time to time. So, maintaining the pool will become challenging if you don’t know what to expect or do.


Depending on the size of the pond, the cost will vary. And that isn’t the only expense you have to count. You’ll need permission from officials to build a pond to ensure no cables, wires, or pipes will be damaged because of the project. And all these will hand you a long list of bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Backyard Pond?

The maintenance cost for a backyard pond depends on your pond size and its type of inhabitants. If it has a filtration system or autodoser, the entire unit may need replacement. You also need to buy new food for fish.

So, the overall cost can be over a few hundred dollars. If you do the maintenance yourself, the cost can be minimized. However, if you hire professionals to do the job, the price can go up to thousands per year.

Q. Where Do I Build A Pond?

Digging a hole and filling it with water will not make it a pond. It needs to be at the right place. If you want to build a pond-

  • Make sure the location is sunny enough.
  • The surroundings have to be open enough to attract various wildlife.
  • Try to keep a distance between the surrounding trees and the pond so that the fallen leaves don’t swamp the water.
  • Set it up in a space from where the pond will be visible from the house.

Q. How Do I Keep My Pond Water Clean Naturally?

To keep your pond water naturally clean, try the following.

  • It is normal for algae to grow and water to appear a little discolored. So don’t worry if that happens.
  • You can use beneficial bacteria to prevent algae from turning the water greenish.
  • Add aquatic plants to your pond.
  • Do not overfeed the fish.
  • Do not overcrowd the pond by adding more fish than necessary.
  • Keep the pond surrounding areas clean so that leaves and debris do not swamp the pond water.


When someone asks, “Are backyard ponds hard to maintain?”, my answer is usually both yes and no. It is not easy, yet not difficult either. With the change of seasons, the pond’s outlook and ecosystem will also change.

The water level will rise and fall, the pond will be swamped with things, the plants and fish will attract wildlife. If you pay attention to the pond regularly, you will immediately notice if there is anything to fix and maintain.