About Patioandaquagarden

The patioandaquagarden provides creative ideas about patio design along with aqua garden ideas. A patio is that portion of our home which make us feel refresh as well as relax. This paved outdoor area is an ideal place for spending leisure time. Patio also used as play ground of children. Proper decoration of patio increases the beauty of home. I start this site to provide unique ideas on patio decoration so that you can make your patio more enchanting.

I am very passionate about my small aqua garden in my backyard. I take care of it from my young age. People who have a garden, have a valuable asset. Walking through the garden they forget all the stress. Not only this, Kids use it as play ground. It gives peace on mind too.

From this site you will also get to know about aqua gardening. Including water features in garden make it incredible and more eco friendly. During taking care of my garden I have face some problem. Some query arises in me. Then I take decision to create a site where I can share all those experience I achieved and answer of all my queries. Thus it will help you get all nice ideas and information.

About me

I’m Sazeda Akter. Founder of patioandaquagarden.com. I completed my MBA degree on Human Resource Management. I’m a banker by profession. But I’m a hobbyist gardener too. Which is the main inspiration behind this website. I already mentioned about my motivation to create the site. When I get free times try to share my knowledge and experience with you. If this blog helps you all my attempts will be successful.